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 Attention: There may be technical problems. More information under the description.
Position in the ranking: 23 Payout Rates: Highest: 20$ Lowest: 0.5$ Average:  $3.35 (equal)

Zshort.io : New shortener whitout ads.



Previously, Zshort.io's remuneration system was different from all others. Instead of displaying ads on their middle pages to remunerate publishers. The Zshort.io shortener did not use ads and it is necessary that the visitors subscribe to one of the YouTube channels of its advertisers. Currently, it uses the same system as the rest of the shorteners.

Payments are sent using the following methods Payeer from 10$ minimal withdraw..


Complies conditions Withdrawals from $ 10 Daily payments 7 days delay

(No more info is provided.)

Counts 1 visit per IP   (It are counting only unique visit per user/IP every 24 hours).

Based on Anonymous. Working since . Added 727 days ago ()


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There may be technical problems:

Detected on , expected to resolve on unknow date

Zshort.io will be temporarily closed. On 10/7/2022 they announced that earnings will be disabled from 10/14/2022. "Dear users, earnings will be disabled from the 14th of this month. We will temporarily close the shortener. The withdrawal button will still be enabled and we will pay all withdrawals."

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Has Worldwide deal payout rate: 3$
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