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zShorte URL shortener review & rates: This shortener is not recommended

Position in the ranking: 45 Payout Rates: Top: 8$ Lowest: 2$
Average:  2.4$ (up)

zShorte - New domain for an old shortener.

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Previously: was a link shortener with not very low rates and that claimed to count several visits from the same IP every 24 hours. It showed two intermediate pages, one with captcha and the other with a short wait that, once completed, will give access to the destination page.

Currently, the old domain ( redirects to the new site ( Unfortunately its use is not recommended, as the old site was scam for several years, stopping paying or eliminating user accounts for no reason. The administration also saw her account deleted without having shortened a single link.

Even more; the site is full of contradictory information and ridiculous practices; like a new extra-long domain for any website, more to be a link shortener or a paid test page that does not really contain any proof.

Payments are send via Paypal from 5$ minimal withdraw. minimal withdraw.

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Not comply conditions payments days delay

Based on Peru. Counts 1 visits per IP. Withdrawals from 5$.

Working from 2016-10-09. Added 1240 days ago (2017-05-08).

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Aprobation percentage:


Aprobation for this shortener is 88.89% (89% of users recommend it: 16 users voted up vs 2 users voted down for this shortener).

Updated Payout Rates:

Has Worldwide deal payout rate: 2$
Country Current rates Before rates
United States8 $   -   
United Kingdom8 $   -   
Germany6 $6 $
Spain6 $6 $
Canada6 $6 $
Saudi Arabia6 $6 $
Georgia5 $5 $
Sweden5 $5 $
Australia5 $5 $
France4 $4 $
Netherlands4 $4 $
Brazil4 $4 $
Italy4 $4 $
Honduras4 $4 $
Japan3 $3 $
India3 $3 $
Worldwide Deal (All Countries)2 $2 $

Rates obtained on Sun Sep 27 2020 20:13:24 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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  1. Thu, 27 Aug 2020 01:11:05 GMT:
    • zlShorte changed his name to zShorte

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