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Average: 1.52$ Payout Rates: Top: 2.5$ Lowest: 1.5$ - New and good rates.

New and excellent results! belongs to the same owner of so you can practically count on our trust from the beginning. We can both advertise and earn revenue. Payments are sent by Paypal once reached the $5 in the next 4 days.

Working from 2015-11-22. Payments are send via Paypal from 5$ bank transfer from 5$ minimal withdraw.

1 2 3 years!

Country Actual rates Before rates
United States of America2.5 $   -   
Canada1.95 $1.95 $
Norway1.85 $1.85 $
Sweden1.75 $1.75 $
Spain1.7 $1.7 $
Ireland1.65 $1.65 $
Worldwide Deal (All Countries)1.5 $1.5 $


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