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Rolyads URL shortener review & rates: This shortener is not recommended

Position in the ranking: 45 Payout Rates: Top: 8$ Lowest: 2$
Average:  2.27$ (new)

Rolyads - New & good rates.

rolyads logoxxx

It's a recent shortener that pays. It works like all the others; showing an intermediate page with ads that visitors must skip to reach the destination link.

It should be noted the excellent spelling of the administrator, which can mean not only the difference between a good and a bad support, but the continuity of the shortener with other essential services such as advertising and money transfer services.

The account activation message arrives in the spam folder.

Do not accept adult content traffic.

In August 2019 there was a delay with the payments of one week and one day but it could finally be resolved favorably for all users

Payments are send via Paypal from 3$ and AirTM from 5$ minimal withdraw. minimal withdraw.

Paypal iconAirTM icon

Not comply conditions Weekly payments 0 days delay (Payments are sent on Fridays. There may be slight delays)

Based on Anonymous. Counts 1 visits per IP (Visitors must be unique within 24 hours). Withdrawals from 3$.

Working from 2019-03-11. Added 441 days ago (2019-05-29).

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Aprobation percentage:


Aprobation for this shortener is 68.18% (68% of users recommend it: 15 users voted up vs 7 users voted down for this shortener).

Updated Payout Rates:

Has Worldwide deal payout rate: 2$
Country Actual rates Before rates
Sweden8 $8 $
Australia7 $7 $
Canada5 $5 $
France5 $5 $
Belgium5 $5 $
Germany5 $5 $
United Kingdom5 $5 $
United States of America5 $5 $
Spain4 $4 $
China4 $4 $
Worldwide Deal (All Countries)2 $2.2 $

Rates obtained on Tue Aug 11 2020 20:19:24 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Latest changes:

  1. Tue, 21 Apr 2020 04:22:53 GMT:
    • Rolyads has updated the reason for NOT recommended (lost adsense account)

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