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Repayone URL shortener review & rates: Caution: Security & communication issues and user accounts removed.

Position in the ranking: 6 Payout Rates: Top: 7.12$ Lowest: 2.2$ Average: 4.09$ (new)

Repayone - New shortener.

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Repayone is link shortener that works just like the other shorteners to earn money; It shows an intermediate page with advertising that visitors must skip in order to access the destination link, with this Repayone will reward us with income in our account for each of the visits.

Free accounts do not have all the options you would expect. For example; We will not have the possibility to use the API to shorten links or any other tools that we can find in the section dedicated to it. There is also a limit for creating short links; 10 links per day and 220 links per month.

For several days in August 2019, the site was without a security certificate for secure connections, which caused the user's browser to show a warning that prevented the normal functioning of the links. After returning to normal and proving to be little transparent and communicative, the shortener worked again as before. However, and at least in my case, my user account was deleted or blocked, unable to log in. This shortener is no longer recommended for it

Payments are send via Paypal from 3$ , Skrill from 3$ , Payeer from 2$ , Western Union from 100$ , Google Play Gift Card from 10$ , Payoneer from 50$ , Bank Transfer from 25$ , Vodafone Cash from 2$ and Amazon Card from 10$ minimal withdraw.

Paypal iconSkrill iconPayeer iconWestern Union iconGoogle Play Gift Card iconPayoneer iconBank Transfer iconVodafone Cash,  iconAmazon Card,  icon

Payment not verified yet Monthly payments 7 days delay (Every month withdrawal button will be available from 16 to 20 and you will recieve your payment from 21 to 23 in the same month.)

Based on Unknown. Counts 1 visits per IP (unspecified). Withdrawals from 2$.

Working from 2018-09-30. Added 21 days ago (2019-08-27).

Country Actual rates Before rates
United Arab Emirates7.12 $7.12 $
France6.7 $6.7 $
United Kingdom6.5 $6.5 $
United States of America6.2 $6.2 $
Canada6 $6 $
Thailand5 $5.6 $
Italy5 $5.4 $
Morocco4.7 $4.7 $
India4.1 $4.1 $
Indonesia4 $4 $
Worldwide Deal (All Countries)4 $4 $
Philippines4 $4 $
Ukraine2.9 $2.9 $
Iran, Islamic Republic of2.6 $2.6 $
Russia2.2 $2.2 $

Link: Repayone

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