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Average: 2.28$ Payout Rates: Top: 6$ Lowest: 1.6$ - New and good rates. has good rates for all countries. Recently the rates were reduced, but far from being seen as something negative, we can call it an effort to be a more durable shortener. It shows an intermediate page with captcha, plus another one below with a few seconds of waiting.

Working from 2016-12-06. Payments are send via Paypal from 3$ , MyWallet from 3$ and Bitcoin from 3$ minimal withdraw.

1 2 years!

Country Actual rates Before rates
United Kingdom6 $6 $
Australia5.5 $5.5 $
Canada5 $5 $
Spain3.2 $   -   
Worldwide Deal (All Countries)2.2 $2.2 $
China1.6 $1.6 $


Hey!, Let me know ┬┐what is your opinion about shortener? Legit or scam?


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