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Link Just : A shortener with good service.

Link Just


Linkust is a link shortener that works just like other link shorteners to earn money. This is by displaying an intermediate page with advertisements that visitors will have to go through in order to access the destination link that we have shortened. With each completed visit, Linkust will reward us with revenue in our shortener account. Once the minimum amount is reached, we can request the withdrawal through any of the payment methods available on the platform.

Linkust allows you to create advertising campaigns to advertise on the shortener with very competitive prices

There is one thing about Linkust that should be noted; the privacy policy of the service does not exist in this shortener, which could cause problems with its advertisers, specifically with Adsense.

It is important to note that not complying with the rules, which, by the way, are drafted in a very confusing way, can and will surely lead to the loss of the account and of all the gains made

Payments are sent using the following methods: Paypal from 1$, Payza from 20$, Skrill from 20$, WebMoney from 15$, Perfect Money from 5$, Payeer from 0.50$, Bank transfer from 1,000$, Vodafone Cash from 1$, Egyptian Postal from 50$, Etisalat Floss from 1$, Western Union from 100$, Money Wallet from 15$, Neteller from 30$, Orange Money from 1$, Bitcoin from 20$, Dogecoin from 5$, Vodafone Balance from 3$, Etisalat Balance from 3$, Orange Balance from 3$, Algérie Poste from 10$, Payoneer from 50$, BaridiMob Algeria from 10$, Mobilis Algeria from 3$, Ooredoo Algeria from 3$, Djezzy Algeria from 3$, PUBG (74 UC) from 2$, Tether (USDT TRC20) from 10$, Wafacash Morocco from 30$, Cash Plus Morocco from 30$, Cih Bank Morocco from 30$, Google Play gift card | code from 10$ and CCP Algérie Poste (for Algeria) from 10$ minimal withdraw.

PaypalPayzaSkrillWebMoneyPerfect MoneyPayeerBank transferVodafone CashEgyptian PostalEtisalat FlossWestern UnionMoney WalletNetellerOrange MoneyBitcoinDogecoinVodafone BalanceEtisalat BalanceOrange BalanceAlgérie PostePayoneerBaridiMob AlgeriaMobilis AlgeriaOoredoo AlgeriaDjezzy AlgeriaPUBGTetherWafacash MoroccoCash Plus MoroccoCih Bank MoroccoGoogle Play gift card | codeCCP Algérie Poste

Complies conditionsWithdrawals from $ 0.5 Daily payments 1 days delay

(Payments take less than 24 hours to be paid (as announced in the user panel))

Counts 1 visit per IP   (Unspecified).

Allows faucet content

Based on Egypt. Working since . Added 1350 days ago ()


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