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Linkfinal ( URL shortener

linkfinal logo is a link shortener that pays for the visits received. This is achieved through advertising on its intermediate pages. However, we must be careful with Linkfinal, it has been marked as a scam in the main forums of link shorteners.

Working from 2018-06-31 and added from 2021-11-07, Linkfinal link shortener has not yet been included in the main list of This is because we are not yet analyzing their rates and therefore we can not show them always updated. If you want it that way and you think it's a legit url shortener you can vote for its inclusion using the vote button.

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Approval from external sources


The approval of Linkfinal by external sources is 50%. With a total of 4: 2 say it's scam (50.00%). 1 say it's unrated (25.00%). 1 say it's legit (25.00%). 0 say it's new (0.00%). The sources are third-party sites with at least one page dedicated to this shortener.

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