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Site is OK and is Legit!
Position in the ranking: 2 Payout Rates: Highest: 50$ Lowest: 9$ Average:  $9.6 (equal) : More than a shortener; metashortener.

Recommended metashortener! is a shortener with unique functions. It has several types of link that give you a wide range of possibilities; direct links, with external page or meta-shortened. It also includes statistics, API, invitations to get free VIP accounts and much more.

The spectacular numbers of are due to its powerful tools to meta-shorten links. Through other shorteners, with which it has 100% compatibility, can use third-party sites that pay the best for each of your visits. In addition, it takes into account the number of IPs that each shortener counts so that you get income for each visit.

In addition, the rates shown can be multiplied because also has the possibility of linking 2 shorteners in the same link, so that your visits will have to go through the intermediate pages of 2 shorteners instead of just one.

Both the optimizer and the chaser are paid tools, but you can use them for free by inviting other people to use the service.

Complies conditionsWithdrawals from $ 0 N/A payments 0 days delay

( does not retain your income, which becomes part of the balance of the shorteners you use through it.)

Counts 1 visit per IP   (Each shortener you add adds at least 1 visit).

Based on Spain. Working since . Added 998 days ago ()


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11000 users

10988 more users on's metashortener than average (12). Its position is #0 among the other shorteners..

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Rates for this shortener are only achievable when you have the highest paying shorteners for each country added to the account and the link optimizer activated (requires VIP account). Although hundreds of visits per IP can be counted every 24 hours, each consecutive visit by the same user can be paid at a lower rate than the previous one.
Has Worldwide deal payout rate: 9$
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