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Position in the ranking: 7
Payout Rates: Highest: 7$ Lowest: 3$
Average:  3.18$ (equal)

GPlinks : Daily Payments within 24 hrs..


GPlinks is a link shortener that pays. How in all these cases, users who visit our shortened links with this shortener will have to go through one or several intermediate pages to access the destination link. This intermediate pages contains advertising, where the profits come from, and surely a captcha as a security measure to validate the traffic. For each visit we will generate income and we will be able to charge them once we reach the minimum to make the withdrawal by the available means. You can find below the payout rates for publishers.

To be able to withdraw our money it is necessary to complete with personal information all the fields of the form that appears in Settings section.

Payments are send via Paypal from 5$, Bitcoin from 5$, Wire transfer (international) from 5$, Skrill from 5$, Payeer from 5$, Google Play gift card from 5$, Amazon gift card from 5$ and Donate from 5$ minimal withdraw..

PaypalBitcoinWire transfer, SkrillPayeerGoogle Play gift cardAmazon gift cardDonate,

Payment not verified yet Daily payments 7 days delay  (Payments may take up to 5 to 7 business days from Day of withdrawal to get it processed (do not contact before 7 business days for payments.))

Counts 1 visit per IP (Unspecified). Withdrawals from $ 5.

Based on India. Working since 2018-12-04. Added 420 days ago (2019-11-28)


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Has Worldwide deal payout rate: 3$
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