Your links are now broken? Prevent these problems using ( is a URL shortener that supposedly pay for. It works like the vast majority of services of this type; shows an intermediate page with advertising with which we are paid for each visit that reaches the destination link.

The certainty that the payments of arrive are not clear. Some time ago this shortener had some problem with the payments and many, it is not clear if all, were delayed. The opinions that have been found on the Internet about this shortenes were not good at all, having been declared on multiple sites as a shortener who does not pay, but also finding testimonies of people indicating that although late (several months), they had finally received their payments. Its use is not recommended.

Working from 2018-05-05 and added from 2019-11-25, link shortener has not yet been included in the main list of This is because we are not yet analyzing their rates and therefore we can not show them always updated. If you want it that way and you think it's a legit url shortener you can vote for its inclusion using the vote button.

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Top Recommended paying shorteners:

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#1 - New and with good opinions, never missed a payment. 194 votes.
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#2 - ClicksFly: Came back after closing. 172 votes.
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#3 - Shrinkearn: One of the most reliable shorteners. 319 votes.
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#4 - One of the most reliable shorteners. 239 votes.

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Hey!, Let me know ¿what is your opinion about shortener? Scam or legit?


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