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Dwindly URL shortener review & rates: Caution! There may be problems knowing the current rates

Position in the ranking: 33 Payout Rates: Top: 2.86$ Lowest: 2.5$ Average: 2.50$ (equal)

Dwindly - New and good rates.

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Dwindly is a (closed) recent shortener, registered in April 2017, who is gaining relative fame. It does not contribute anything new, however, its rates started being very interesting being for the majority of 2.5 $ CPM. They recommend not using it in warez sites because they block the accounts. Ensures to send payments in less than 4 business days and count multiple visits from the same IP.

Through the user panel and well in advance, Dwindly warnedthat on April 30, 2019 they would close. A deadline was also established to request withdrawals, thus making one of the few ordered closures known, along with LinkShrink, who were the same owner.

Payments are send via Paypal from 5$ , Ethereum from 5$ and Bitcoin from 15$ minimal withdraw.

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Based on unknown. Counts 10 visits per IP (4 to 10, depending on the advertiser market). Withdrawals from 5$.

Working from 2017-04-25. Added 496 days ago (2018-06-08).

1 2 years!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 visits!

Country Actual rates Before rates
Finland2.86 $2.86 $
United Arab Emirates2.67 $2.67 $
Denmark2.57 $2.57 $
Worldwide Deal (All Countries)2.5 $2.5 $

Link: Dwindly

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