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This shortener is not recommended
Position in the ranking: 1 Payout Rates: Highest: 7.1$ Lowest: 0.06$ Average:  $2.02 (equal)

CutWin : Veteran & reliable shortener.



CutWin differs from other shorteners in its high rates. The Arab countries are the best paid, but their rates are good for everyone. Recently it has favorably overcome problems with advertisers and payment processor services. It is a reliable shortener. The middle pages show captcha and pop ads. stands out at the moment for its already extensive experience. It was not always without controversy, because in its first years it lost its Adsense account and that generated a problem with payments that, fortunately, could be solved. There could also have been a problem with the postings, which is also very likely, it is no longer happening.

Payments are sent using the following methods: Paypal from 1$, Vodafone Cash (Egipt) from 5$ and Bitcoin (not for Egipt) from 5$ minimal withdraw.

PaypalVodafone CashBitcoin

Not complies conditionsWithdrawals from $ 1 Daily payments 4 days delay


Counts 1 visit per IP   (unspecified).

Based on Unknown (domain protection). Working since . Added 2338 days ago ()

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The approval of CutWin by external sources is 86%. With a total of 7: 1 say it's scam (14.29%). 0 say it's unrated (0.00%). 6 say it's legit (85.71%). 0 say it's new (0.00%). The sources are third-party sites with at least one page dedicated to this shortener.

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Average time between pages:

70.7 secs.

Calculated on a total of 1 visits through's meta-shortener. -38.1 secs. difference compared to the average of other shorteners.

No. of users on

28 users

16 more users on's metashortener than average (12). Its position is 14th among the other shorteners..

Updated Payout Rates:

Has Worldwide deal payout rate: 1.5$
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