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Position in the ranking: 41 Payout Rates: Highest: 5.5$ Lowest: 0$ Average:  $1.72 (equal)

CpmLink.net : With a long and pristine career.



CpmLink.net is a link shortener that pays. He is one of the few Europeans and has one of the longest and most stable history. Its operation is exactly the same as the vast majority of shorteners; shows an intermediate page with ads, in this case quite little. Each legitimate visit that you receive in them will leave an income, which you can consult in the table below. Once you reach the minimum balance to be able to request the withdrawal of your money, your money will be ready to arrive by the payment method you select.

From its inception it captured the attention of many. With payments from only $ 1 (in its beginnings) via PayPal or Bitcoin and always in a timely manner within 24 hours.

CpmLink.net is undoubtedly one of the most recommended shorteners on this entire list. Despite his extensive experience, he has never missed a payment, nor has he had delays - these always arrive in record time - in sending them, nor has he had any problems of any kind. This is a very rare thing to see.

However, their rates are not the highest, on the contrary, they are well below the average. In spite of everything, we can be almost 100% sure that we will receive the agreement.

Payments are sent using the following methods: Paypal from 5$, Bitcoin from 5$ and Skrill from 5$ minimal withdraw.


Complies conditionsWithdrawals from $ 5 Daily payments 1 days delay

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Counts 1 visit per IP   (unspecified).

Allows adult content

Based on Albania. Working since . Added 2625 days ago ()


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39 users

27 more users on Lanza.me's metashortener than average (12). Its position is 10th among the other shorteners..

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Has Anonymous payout rate: 1.6$
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