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Cpm.link : New shortener.



Cpm.link is another link shortener that pays for the visits our shortened URLs receive. Unlike other link shorteners, like most of those featured on shorteners.net, Cpm.link does not have intermediate pages from their own domains. Cpm.link uses full-screen ads that reside on advertisers' own domains. This can make users think that they are being redirected exclusively to banner ads.

Cpm.link does not have accounts on any social network, which could be a bad indicator. Having social networks allows you to learn more about the shortener's details and updates, as well as check in real time if there are users with problems with it.

The rest of the aspects in Cpm.link have a positive balance and quite interesting features, although with some drawbacks. First of all we have instant payments for Payeer, however Paypal is not part of the available payment methods. Content is allowed adult, among others, but we should always categorize content, and there are a few categories, so it's easy to forget to do it or make mistakes.

One point that I did not like very much is that they remove links that have not received visits for 3 months and another that, on the contrary, I did like, is that they have a ticket system for support

All in all, Cpm.link looks like a reliable shortener, although at the time of this writing, it might be too early to tell.

Payments are sent using the following methods: Payeer (instantly) from 5$, Tether (USDT, TRC20, weekly) from 30$, Bank transfer (weekly) from 200$ and WebMoney (weekly) from 50$ minimal withdraw.

PayeerTetherBank transferWebMoney

Payment not verified yet Withdrawals from $ 5 Weekly payments 0 days delay

(Payment requests are sent every Tuesday, payments requested on Tuesday are sent the next Tuesday.)

Counts 1 visit per IP   (A rope (sic) is counted once every 24 hours. A ip is accepted as an impression if more than one ad passes, it is not accepted as an impression when the link is visited. If a thread is advertised 5 times on any link of any of our members within 24 hours, it will not be accepted as an impression on any link that it passes for 24 hours. We went to such an application to prevent spam impressions.).

Allows adult content

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7 less users on Lanza.me's metashortener than average (12). Its position is 55th among the other shorteners..

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