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PowClick URL shortener review & rates: Site is Ok!

Position in the ranking: 35 Payout Rates: Top: 3$ Lowest: 1.5$ Average: 1.61$ (new)

PowClick - New & multiple accounting.

clikpw logo is a URL shortener whose administrators already have other shorteners that give very good results and virtually no problem. works just like the other shorteners to earn money; It shows an intermediate page with advertising that visitors must skip in order to access the destination link, with this will reward us with income in our account for each of the visits.

Payments are send via Paypal from 5$ , Bitcoin from 25$ and Payoneer from 50$ minimal withdraw.

Paypal iconBitcoin iconPayoneer icon

Payment not verified yet Daily payments 4 days delay (The payment is then sent to your withdraw account during business days no longer than 4 days after requesting)

Based on Unknown. Counts 3 visits per IP (at least. It counts multiple views from the same visitor so you will be benefiting from all your traffic). Withdrawals from 5$.

Working from 2017-06-25. Added 32 days ago (2019-08-16).

1 2 years!

1 2 3 visits!

Country Actual rates Before rates
Norway3 $3 $
United States of America3 $3 $
Sweden3 $3 $
Australia3 $3 $
United Kingdom3 $3 $
Canada3 $3 $
Denmark2 $2 $
France2 $2 $
Netherlands2 $2 $
Spain2 $2 $
Switzerland2 $2 $
New Zealand2 $2 $
Italy2 $2 $
United Arab Emirates2 $2 $
Germany2 $2 $
Worldwide Deal (All Countries)1.5 $1.5 $

Link: PowClick

Hey!, Let me know ¿what is your opinion about PowClick shortener? Scam or legit?

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