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Site is OK and is Legit!
Position in the ranking: 42
Payout Rates: Highest: 1.32$ Lowest: 0.2$
Average:  0.42$ (up) : By owner.

Recommended shortener!

This shorter belongs to the same people of, pioneer and excellent shortening. inherits all the characteristics of this, being able to show, to use and to be used in sites for adults. You can consult the rates in the section of rates of payment. The withdrawals are from 5$ and can be made by Paypal

Payments are send via Payoneer from 10$ minimal withdraw..


Complies conditions Daily payments 0 days delay Automatic payments (Daily payments are available under certain conditions)

Counts 5 visits per IP (maximun & all visitors but raw rates are aplicated). Withdrawals from $ 10. Allows traffic and adult sites

Based on United Kingdom. Working since 2016-06-21. Added 1464 days ago (2017-04-09)


12345 visits!

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Has Worldwide deal payout rate: 0.25$
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