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Position in the ranking: 23 Payout Rates: Top: 10$ Lowest: 2.6$ Average: 2.85$ (new)

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Never down!!!

0 scam!!!

It's a recent shortener that pays that works just like everyone else. I do not like it very much, because its entire site is full of contradictions and errors. In addition, he is not the only shortener of this administrator, so it is possible that he is not attentive to every one of them.

Payments are send via Paypal from 5$ and WebMoney from 5$ minimal withdraw.

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Payment not verified yet Daily payments 7 days delay (Contradictory information in all aspects)

Based on Tunisia. Counts 1 visits per IP (Specified as is). Withdrawals from 5$.

Working from 2018-07-17. Added 144 days ago (2019-06-23).

Aprobation percentage:


Updated Payout Rates:

Country Actual rates Before rates
United Kingdom10 $10 $
United States of America8 $8 $
Canada7 $7 $
Australia5 $5 $
Sweden5 $5 $
Norway5 $5 $
Germany4 $4 $
South Africa4 $4 $
Finland4 $4 $
Poland3 $3 $
Spain3 $3 $
Ireland3 $3 $
New Zealand3 $3 $
Netherlands3 $3 $
Brazil3 $3 $
Japan3 $3 $
Worldwide Deal (All Countries)2.6 $2.6 $

Link: AdLinx

Hey!, Let me know ¿what is your opinion about AdLinx shortener? Scam or legit?

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