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What is a link shortener?

Link shorteners are simple tools that generate redirects from a generally short url to a longer one. Users can create these redirects from a panel from a long link. The site algorithm encodes and / or assigns to a table in a database the id of the short link. When that link receives a visit, the shortcut site, sends the visitor to the long link. This allows shorter destination URLs to be used, as well as camouflaging and adding functionality.

What advantages do they have?

Besides the mentioned saving of space by characters, useful in sites like Twitter, there are other advantages of using these shortened links: You can know the visits and statistics of the links. It is more elegant to look at. You can make a mark. You can make money.

How can you make money?

Showing advertising on the intermediate pages. Site administrators can choose to spread advertising revenue among publishers. Generally it is done by visualizations counting the rates of payment per thousand. In this table you will be able to know the shorteners that pay ordered by their rates; World average and by country chosen.

Not recommended shorteners (can be scam, closed or in problems)

What is is the first site that allows you to consult the rates of the main shorteners that pays. Not only allows you to know the average of their rates, but you can check these for all the shorteners through all existing countries. In this way you can easily know which are the shorteners that pay the best for the audience anywhere in the world.

How is the average calculated? not only takes the numbers and divides them among the countries. To have a more accurate estimate of which is the true shortener that in general, or for all countries, more pay, the calculation is done as follows; All payouts are added for the existing countries in the shortener's publisher rates tables. If the concept of Worldwide Deal exists (payout for all countries not listed in tables), this value is applied up to 240 (a estimated and convenient number of countries) elements by which it will be divided to obtain the final result. When this value does not exist, the smallest rate is applied.

What other information is provided?

In addition to the votes that users can make, a small description, link (referral), as well as payment methods are added, and not least; the registration date of the domain. This will help us to know how much time the shortener has been running. All this information may be outdated with the passage of time. However, this is not the case with rates, which are always updated rigorously to what is stipulated at the origin.

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