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Gold Shorten rates: Site is Ok!

Average: 0.435$ Payout Rates: Top: 2$ Lowest: 0.4$

Gold Shorten - New and good rates.


Gold Shorten was registered in the USA, although its administrator is hispanic. It has, therefore, english and spanish support. It is one of the few that includes Western Union as a method for publishers to withdraw their balance. The minimun withdraw for Paypal is only 1$.

Working from 2017-10-19. Payments are send via Paypal from 1$ Western Union from 50$ minimal withdraw.

Country Actual rates Before rates
United Kingdom 2.00 $ 5.00 $
United States of America 2.00 $    -   
Canada 1.60 $ 5.00 $
Worldwide Deal (All Countries) 0.40 $ 2.00 $

Link: Gold Shorten

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